I first came to Dr. Will with a shoulder/rib injury that had occurred once before. The initial injury was treated by a “traditional” chiropractor and took months to feel 100% again. Being a body worker myself, that time was difficult, as I couldn’t work to the best of my abilities for my current clients. The second time I sustained this injury, my sister in law recommended Dr. Will after being impressed with her own treatment by him. Within 2 weeks, I felt 100% and I was sold! I try to see him weekly, and he has also treated my husband, mother, sister, and sister in law, as well as many of my clients. My greatest memory of his compassion and connection to his work and his clients, is when he came to our home and adjusted my husband, myself and our 3 day old baby girl. It was a magical moment to have him treat her on the “outside” for the first time!
Our bodies, minds and spirits get a daily beatdown in this life and having a deeper connection with yourself through the work Dr. Will does, is immeasurably helpful...many times in ways we don’t even fully recognize or understand. But, trusting the process and surrendering to the way your body will silently guide your treatments, can have life changing effects...I know it has for me and my, most grateful family!
— Leah L.
I’ve seen Dr. Will many times and I am constantly amazed by how powerful and non-invasive his treatments are. When he has worked on me, he has done such light manipulations that have a huge effect of causing space to open up inside my body. When I leave the office, I’m taller, and more open; my chest is more open and I can breathe deeper. When I get into the car to leave I have to adjust the seat and mirror. It is amazing how much my posture improves and how great my body feels afterward. My recommendation for anyone who is going in for their first treatment with Dr. Will is this: relax and listen to your body; let it do what it needs to; if it needs to move or shift, as Dr. Will will tell you; you are free to let it.
— Miles E.

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